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April White was born on Haida Gwaii (commonly called the Queen Charlotte Islands), off the North West coast of Canada’s British Columbia, of the Yahgu’ Jaannaas Raven Clan. The First Nations people are known by their original name, the Haida.

April White received her Bachelor of Science degree in geology from the University of British Columbia. She has worked as a geologist in remote areas of the Canadian West, an experience that has been of assistance in developing the visual faculty essential to creating her works of art. Entirely self-taught, April’s natural inclination stems from her Haida heritage, where being and artist is an honored profession and from her father, a direct descendant of the world-renowned Haida artist, Charles Edenshaw, of the Eagle clan. She is also a relative of the late Bill Reid, the equally famous contemporary Haida sculptor, carver, print maker and jewelry designer.

April realized, after a few years in the bush as a geologist, that she was inexplicably possessed by painting, particularly watercolors, for their portability. After graduation, she finally had time to realize that she had always been drawn to it. It took a while until April fully recognized how strong its pull might be, in the eighties, she made the decision to put down her rock pick and hand lens, and pick up her paint brushes for good. “The Haida have a saying, ‘Life is like living on an edge of a knife. When you walk, watch your steps or you will fall off the edge of the earth.’ Inherent in the creation of my art is the suspense and awareness of the knife’s edge.”

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